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​            RockyDell Resources was an information business with emphasis on animal issues, ranging from animal-       assisted therapy (think also equine assisted therapy) to the impact of visitors on zoo animals. The owner, David 
Anderson, is a retired librarian with interest in providing better access to the literature. RockyDell Resources is 
no longer taking customers.  
            For an example of his bibliographic work, see the web page www.frdi.net/resources/Bibliography/horses7 2014.pdf

           Humans & Other Resources: H&OS, the quarterly bibliographic journal sold through the 1990s by RockyDell 
Resources, was sold to the American Veterinary Medical Association. For information on current access to the contents, 
contact Gail C. Golab, American Veterinary Medical Association, 1931 North Meacham Road, Suite 100, Schaumburg, 
Illinois 60173 USA; telephone 817/915-8070; fax 817/925-1329; email: GGolab@avma.org.

           From 2001 to 2008 David Anderson prepared a bibliographic column for the International Society of AnthroZoology, published in the ISAZ Newsletters, no.22, November 2001, to no.22, Summer 2008. Initially it was intended to alert ISAZ 
members to works outside the journals Anthrozoos and Society & Animals. It grew to include new books, single issues 
of journals in human-animal studies, special human-animal issues of other journals, journal articles, theses and websites. 
The ISAZ Newsletters are available at the website www.isaz.net/newsletter. 

​           In 2007 Purdue University Press published Anderson's Assessing the Human-Animal Bond: A Compendium 
of Actual Measures. It is available through the book trade. To order from Amazon.com or Purdue University Press via 
this website, check below on "Assessing the Human-Animal Bond." 

           In January 2006 Trafford Publishing released The Guide to Pet Loss Resources, 3rd Edition (2005). It is available 
 from the author. Check below on "Guide to Pet Loss Resources."

           RockyDell Resources also distributes David Anderson's From Solomon's Songbook: The Odes of Solomon in Poetic Paraphrase. Check below on "From Solomon's Songbook."

           His 2005 chapbook of poems, Not Made by Hand, is out of print.

Contact us at:

David C Anderson
1166 Ashford Lane
Lincoln, California 95648-3259 USA

phone: 916/408-0110
email: dcajla80@gmail.com

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